100% German Quality Engineering

German Quality Standards
Engineered with German Quality

BIZOL manufactures its lubricants, additives and car care products with the highest quality standard of German manufactures that is recognized worldwide.

100% German Made
Engineered with German Quality

BIZOL manufacturing is done to all quality standards including ISO 14001-2009 and DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.  This guarnatees a consistent level of high quality products that you would expect from a German company.

BIZOL is committed to the highest quality standards

 To improve personal safety by providing the automotive and industrial customer an innovative, beneficial, prestigious German high-quality lubricant brand, which is consistently delivered world-wide by cooperative, customer responsive, efficient employees and partners.


As of 2002, BIZOL has been listed in the DEKRA German Lubricant Industry Catalogue.  See Dekra on Wikipedia.