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Vision Statement

Improve personal safety by taking on global traffic challenges.

Winning Culture

Founded in 1998 in Berlin, Germany, BIZOL is an international corporation consisting of talented people striving for success and growth. We continue to uphold the founders passions and the BIZOL winning philosophy. Our culture outlines the attitudes and actions that will be required of us to attain our goals.

Live our Brand Values
Join The BIZOL Culture
  • Leadership: the spirit to influence a better future.
  • Innovation: customer driven innovation.
  • Tradition: continue to market products which evoke Innovation, Quality and Reliability of products and services in line with the “Made in Germany” Country of Origen label.
  • People: be a great organization where people are inspired to achieve excellence.
  • Passion: be enthusiastic about what we do.
  • Prestige:  the respect, admiration and prestige that our brand evokes.
Be the Brand

Inspire prestige, quality, leadership and optimism for the future.