BIZOL Green Oil Initiatives: a unique innovative additive package

City traffic = motor stress

With the growth of urbanization has come the growth of city driving.  These stop and go traffic conditions reduce oil pressure which in turn cause internal engine parts to wear more quickly as well as reducing the life of the motor oil.  Both of which can lead to premature engine failure.

German Motor Oil manufacture's new innovative additive package

Formulated in Gemany with city traffic driving in mind, it was engineered to protect engines under these conditions.  BIZOL Green Oil has shown to have a low wear index and increased engine protection based on a German laboratory study conducted in 2011.

City traffic financial safety enhancements

BIZOL Green Oil offers financial safety by increasing the lifetime of your vehicle’s engine.  All while reducing maintenance and repair costs.

Improves Technical Safety in city traffic

BIZOL Green Oil provides maximum protection in todays city traffic.  It’s innovative additives help combat the degradation of the Green Oil, its viscocity breakdown and the heightened corrosion which takes place in an idling engine in city traffic.

Improves Environmental Safety

By selecting BIZOL quality products you are protecting your resources by limiting the overall amount of replacement parts, fuel and Motor Oil that your vehicle requires.

Improves Emotional Safety in city traffic

BIZOL Green Oil is manufactured according to the highest standards. By selecting BIZOL, you have made a decision that will ultimatley provide you with one less thing to worry about in regards to your vehicle.