BIZOL Tags Along for the 2016 Corsa America Rally – Dragon 1100

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AAEAAQAAAAAAAAEmAAAAJDk3NDY5ZjJmLTRhZWUtNGJiYi1iMTc5LWE5YjFhOWM0MGU1YwThe Corsa America Rally kicked into high gear on May 12, 2016 and helped to free those frozen northern rally friends and help them head to the warm south where Southern Hospitality is like no other!

BIZOL teamed up with Ryan Day, one of the employees at Euro Tech of Holland as he  made the long trip from  New York City all the way to Tampa Bay Florida in his 2008 GranTurismo Maserati.

The Corsa America Rally brings together  car enthusiasts from all over as they travel across the country showing off their cars.

Check out some photos of Ryan’s 2008 GranTurismo Maserati that he drove in the rally!




IMG_1587   IMG_1591



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